InTouch Credit Union

“How Sweet... The Bump Rate CD is Here!

Get a Great Rate Now, and a Sweeter Rate Later!”


ITCU has a tasty limited time offer for members: a special Bump Rate* certificate of deposit (CD) with a competitive rate for either a 24- or 36-month term. What makes these CDs such a sweet spot to place your money? The one-time option to bump up the rate during the term if ITCU offers a higher rate for a like-CD (same term) during the original certificate term! Even better, there’s no need to redeem the CD and there’s no fee to exercise the rate bump up option!

For as little as $5,000, members can savor this sweet opportunity!


Current rates for the Bump Rate CD are:


Type            Dividend Rate                APY1

2-Year              1.69%                      1.70%

3-Year              1.83%                      1.85%


1Annual Percentage Yield.


Satisfy your Sweet Tooth and Open your Bump Rate CD from ITCU today!


*Offer expires March 31, 2018, or sooner, based on promotion response and without notice, at the discretion of ITCU. Minimum/Maximum CD deposit is $5,000/$95,000 per account, with add-on amounts available in $1,000-increments (up to $95,000 maximum). For complete details and disclosures, please visit the Bump Rate website:

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